Don’t become a victim of phone scams

Have you ever received calls requesting you to make a payment to an unknown account?

If you have, be vigilant and make sure you don't reveal any of your personal details or make any payments until you've verified the caller's claims. 
Based on recent complaints received by Etiqa, there has been a number of incidents of scammers making fraudulent calls to our customers and requesting money. 

What are some examples of phone scams?

There are many types of phone scams out here. Here are just a few examples of phone scam reports that we have received:

  1. The caller claims that you have an outstanding amount with ABC Bank, and they will declare you bankrupt if you do not make payment on the spot. 
  2. The caller claims that you have won a gift and requests that you make a transfer to activate the account. 
  3. The caller identifies themselves as an Etiqa employee, agent or representative. They inform you that you have an existing insurance policy / takaful certificate and that if you wish to cancel the account, you would need to pay a certain amount.


What should I do when I receive such calls?

Remember that you have the right to ask as many verifying questions until you are satisfied and absolutely sure that the caller is authentic. 
Some examples of things you could do are:
  1. Get the caller's details, i.e. His full name, the company he works for, his phone number, and his email address. 
  2. Inform the caller that you will need to check first. 
  3. Immediately call the bank, insurance company or Takaful operator to verify any outstanding amounts or accounts.  


We strongly advise you not to share your personal information to anyone. Please contact our Etiqa Contact Centre at 1-300-13-8888 to seek clarification and lodge your report.