About Etiqa Cares

Etiqa Cares is Etiqa's Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Since 2007, it has been an integral part of the company that allows us to continuously give back to society and help those in need. Our projects and initiatives are aimed at uplifting the lives of underprivileged individuals, families, and communities across Malaysia.

Our Projects & Initiatives

Basic Infrastructure
Etiqa is constantly helping to improve the lives of underprivileged communities across Malaysia through the provision of various basic infrastructure.

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Since 2007, Etiqa has invested in many holistic initiatives and programmes to nurture the minds of more than 10,000 young Malaysians.

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People Empowerment
Etiqa believes in empowering people, that is why we have initiated many developmental programmes targeted at individuals of different backgrounds.

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Etiqa is constantly collaborating with different healthcare organisations to provide free health screenings to various communities.

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Covid-19 Assistance
Etiqa pledges to play a committed role in assisting communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Need Help?

If you know of individuals, families, or communities who are in need, please share your contact details and a description of their plight via email to or