Asset & Liability Protection

Focus On Your Business. We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

The basic principle of Asset & Liability Protection is that it comes before not after. It’s not a cure, but a prudent, preventative measure for the future.

As Malaysia’s leading corporate insurer, we have the expertise and experience you can depend on to ensure your business assets remain secure and protected.

Insurance Classes and Business Segments

We help manage diverse types and degrees of risk across multiple industry sectors:
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Services
  • Engineering
  • Communication
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture

Be covered against loss or damage to your property from causes of fire, lightning and explosion (domestic). Additional perils including explosion (extended cover), earthquake, aircraft, strike, riot and civil commotion, spontaneous combustion, smoke, bursting of pipes, impact, sprinkler leakage, flood, storm and malicious damage can be added at appropriate premiums.

Cover your losses or damage by theft of property belonging to the Insured or for which you are responsible.

Cover your losses or damage by theft of property belonging to the Insured or for which you are responsible.

Enter Marine Cargo Portal to issue and print marine certificates instantly at your premise.

Our 'Marine Cargo Portal' expedites the issuance of marine certificates by our customers whose marine cargo shipments are insured under the Marine Open Covers issued by Etiqa Insurance Berhad.

The basic terms and conditions of the Marine Open Cover will be defaulted in the marine certificate.

Quick and easy CI Preparation
  • A Standard certificate template can be generated within 2 mouse clicks.
  • Data and standard information are defaulted from the Marine Open Cover as per the terms and conditions.
  • Certificate can be generated based on data issued from previous certificate thus saving time and minimising mistakes.
Database of vessels
  • Access an inbuilt database of vessels as per Lloyd's Register.
Ports Information
  • Search for port details worldwide.
Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Automatically update foreign exchange rates daily.
Survey and Claims Settling Agents
  • Select and retrieve surveys and claims settling agents as per shipment destination.
Insurance Premium
  • Automatically computes insurance premiums.
Printing of Certificate
  • Certificates can be printed on A4 paper

Secure your business against sudden and unforeseen damage occurring whilst the machinery is working or at rest, being dismantled, moved, or re-erected for the purpose of cleaning, inspection, repair or installation in another position.

Protect loss of money whilst in transit and whilst kept in locked drawer, safe or strong room or by hold-up whilst on the business premises.

Consider that fire material damage only provides indemnity to the insured in respect of loss or damage to the tangible assets. Any loss from a fire or a major natural catastrophe such as earthquake, storm or flood could bring about serious disruption to the business activities of the insured in terms of loss or production, sales and consequently the earnings.

We help you pay for the residual net profit and fixed charges resulting from interruption of business following loss or damage by fire and the insured perils.

Stay covered against motor vehicular loss or damage caused by accidents and also legal liability to third party for bodily injury or property damage.

All foreign workers under the scheme will receive 24 hours insurance protection against personal injury or death by accident or occupational diseases arising out of and in the course of his/her employment of service and outside the working hours of the workers.

Protect your workers at work from accidental bodily injury and /or disease sustained whilst in the course of employment. In accordance with common law rights against the employers and hence, Employer’s Liability insurance is to provide indemnity to the insured for this contingency.

We’ve designed this policy to cover:
  • Accidental bodily injury to any person not being a member of the insured’s household or any person in the services of the insured
  • Accidental damage to property not belonging to or in the custody or control of the insured
  • Any legal expenses incurred by the insured in depending legal proceedings with the Company’s written consent happening during the Period if Insurance and caused in the course of the business within the territorial limit

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General Enquiry:
For specific enquiry, kindly refer to;

Corporate Business Risk Advisory

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