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For selected travel claims.

Travel Outpatient Medical Claim: Documents Needed

  • Doctor’s Report/Medical Assessment
  • Medical Bill and Receipt

Baggage and Personal Effect/Personal Money & Travel Documents Claim: Documents Needed

  • Police Report / report issued by the relevant Authority (mandatory)
  • Original/Copy Bill of Purchase & Receipt of damaged luggage/personal effects (mandatory)
  • Currency Exchange Slips (mandatory)
  • Damage Report / Property Irregularity Report issued by airline company
  • Photographs depicting the damaged baggage/personal effects

Baggage Delay Claim: Documents Needed

  • Written confirmation from the Airlines or agents (mandatory)
  • Acknowledgement on the received baggage

Flight Delay Claim: Documents Needed

  • Written confirmation from the Airlines or agents on the period of delay (mandatory)
  • Original travel itinerary
  • New/updated travel itinerary
  • Copy of the boarding pass

Trip Cancellation / Curtailment Claim: Documents Needed

  • Medical Certificate / Cancellation Invoice (mandatory)
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified Medical Report / Letter from Medical Practitioner 
  • Weather Report / Notice from airline company on cancellation of the trip due to adverse weather
  • Confirmation on refund of flight ticket issued by airline company, hotel and any other pre-booked ticket/journey (Trip Cancellation)
  • Original/Copy of Receipt for purchase of new flight ticket and/or other transportation means back to Malaysia (Trip Curtailment)