Treat Clients Fairly

Dear valued customers,


In line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Fair Treatment of Financial Consumers policy document, there may be amendments to future reprinted versions of your policy/certificate document, which shall take effect from 1 July 2022.


These changes embrace the spirit of fairness, and are beneficial to you as they ensure that standard terms and conditions are fair to you, expressed in plain language, presented in a legible and concise manner, and that terms that impose obligations on you are given appropriate prominence.


Please take note that the amended fair terms are only applicable if there are similar clauses as stated below in your policy/certificate document.


A ‘New Sanction Limitation and Exclusion’ clause has been included and will be applicable to all policy/certificate document to comply with the sanction laws and regulations.


All other existing provisions, terms and conditions, and benefits of your policy/certificate document will remain unchanged.


Please refer below to the summary of improved terms for your policy/certificate document.


For any enquiries or more information, please contact our Etiqa Contact Centre at 1300 13 8888.


Treat Clients Fairly Document

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