Mahabbah Takafulink

Etiqa’s Mahabbah Takafulink investment-linked takaful plan helps you ensure the dreams for your loved ones will continue even when you are no longer around with our Fast & Easy offerings.

Key Benefits

Your Hibah is distributed directly to your nominated loved one(s) in the unfortunate event of death, plus an extra 200% of the covered amount if it’s caused by an accident, and a compassionate benefit of RM5,000.
Disability Care Payout
Get paid 5% of the covered amount annually over 5 years without additional claims submission.
Disability care payout is paid after the approval of the disability payout.
No Medical Examination
Get coverage of up to RM4 million without the hassle of a medical examination.
It’s easy to manage your legacy plans with flexible payment tenures of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, or until you reach age 80*, 90 or 100.
*Subject to a minimum of 20 years certificate terms.

Investment-linked takaful works hard for you and your loved ones, so you all can enjoy life to the fullest, together!

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