MaxiPro Insurance

Save for a rainy day and also for things that truly matter to you and your family, such as vacations, children’s education & retirement.
With MaxiPro, an investment-linked plan and IL Savings Growth, a savings benefit add-on (premium paying), you are rewarded with guaranteed incremental cash payout. You’ll be able to grow your savings every step of the way to ensure you can enjoy every special moment in your life.

Key Benefits

Guaranteed Approval
Approval of all eligible applications are guaranteed for insured amounts of up to RM500,000.*
Guaranteed Annual Cash Payout
Guaranteed annual cash payout from the end of the 2nd policy year until your policy matures.*
Guaranteed Maturity Payout
Guaranteed maturity payout of up to 171% of total premiums paid (excluding any top-up of premiums).*
Guaranteed Insurance Charge Rates
The insurance charge rates are guaranteed throughout the policy term and not subject to revisions.
Flexible Premium Payment and Policy Terms
Choice of 6 plans with minimum payment term of 8 years and long-term coverage of up to 30 years.

*Benefits applicable with IL Savings Growth.
Note: The key benefits above subject to terms and conditions.

List of Rider

1. IL Savings Growth 
2. IL Payor Waiver of Premium (Juvenile)
3. IL Payor Waiver of Premium (Spouse)
4. IL Waiver of Premium for Critical Illness

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