Etiqa+ App Benefits

Etiqa+ App provides employees with convenient access to simple solutions right at their fingertips.


Locate Panel Hospitals

The GPS locator shows them the location of the nearest Etiqa Panel Healthcare facility.

View Status

View status of Guarantee Letters (GL)

View status of their Guarantee Letter (GL) effortlessly.
GLs for specialist visitations can be requested via Etiqa+ App (for Group Outpatient Clinical plans only). GLs for hospital admissions can be requested via the Hotline. Pre-planning is highly encouraged.

Submit Claims

Submit Claims

Employees can submit claims easily via the Etiqa+ App without hardcopy forms or receipts (receipts are requested only on a case-to-case basis).


Request for Long-Term Medication

Employees with long-term illnesses and/or stable chronic conditions can enjoy access to online doctor consultations & long-term medication supply (for Group Outpatient plans only).

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

SME Care Insurance

Human capital is a critical investment and a driving force behind your business Etiqa SME Care enables you to safeguard your employees with comprehensive protection, delivered in a Fast & Easy manner for both the employees & the employer:

Key Benefits

One-stop Solution
Employees can enjoy coverage for death, disability, illness, hospitalisation & outpatient, all from a single provider
Cardless Medical Care
Employees can visit hospitals & clinics without the need for a physical medical card
Cashless Medical Care
Guarantee Letter provided for admission without payment at panel hospitals nationwide with just one phone call to our 24/7 hotline. Employees can also seek medical care at panel clinics without payment


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