Takaful PesonaLady

A comprehensive takaful plan specially designed for wonderful woman like you


A personal accident takaful plan that covers against female illnesses, crime-related accidents and losses such as:

  • RM100,000 for Accidental Death
  • RM200,000 for Permanent Disablement due to accident
  • RM20,000 for Female Cancers
  • RM20,000 for Maternity Complications due to accident
  • RM30,000 for Kidnap and Abduction
  • RM1,000 for Snatch Theft
  • RM1,000 as Family Prosperity Bonus for delivery of twins or more

Terms & conditions apply.


This is a yearly renewable certificate. You may choose to pay your contribution on a monthly or yearly basis.

Age Band (years) Monthly Contribution (RM) Yearly Contribution (RM)
18-40 22.50 255
41-60 42 475
61-70 42 475

Who can apply

For female Malaysian citizens or Permanent Residents aged between 18-60 years.

Making a claim

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