Takaful Infinite Personal Accident (PA)

A personal accident plan that covers you & your family including death due to COVID-19.


The Takaful Infinite PA plan provides you with all-round comprehensive protection to suit your lifestyle:

  • up to RM1,000,000 for Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement
  • up to RM100,000 for death due to infectious diseases
  • up to RM120,000 cash benefits due to TPD
  • up to RM5,000 for medical expenses due to accident
  • RM20,000 child education benefit
  • up to RM1,500 Daily allowance for 30 days/incident for Hospital confinement due to infectious diseases (excluding Covid-19)
  • up to RM1,000 for loss due to snatch theft
  • up to RM10,000 for Lifestyle modification expenses coverage i.e. Purchase of orthopedic equipment/mobility aids

Optional benefit with additional contribution:

Benefits Description
COVID-19 Cash Relief* Lump sum cash payout once diagnosed (claimable once)
Covers Covid-19 upon diagnosis and death* Compassionate cash payout for death due to accidents and infectious diseases
Income Earner Coverage* Financial relief for loss of income due to illness, retrenchment or medical expenses for infectious diseases
Sports/Lifestyle Coverage* Compensates for damages to sports belongings/ equipment, smart devices, and death & disablement due to accident during performing adventurous sports & activities

Terms & conditions apply.

Who can apply

Residents of Malaysia or Permanent Resident of Malaysia who are:

  • Aged 16 to 65 years (certificate is renewable until age 70)
  • Aged 45 days to 16 years old (or aged under 23 if studying full-time in a recognised institution of higher learning)

Making a claim

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