Etiqa Offshore Insurance (L) Ltd

Internal Audit & Compliance

Our services are designed to provide independent assurance on risk management and corporate governance of our clients' operations. It helps our clients ascertain the effectiveness of their business processes and recommend any areas for improvement where necessary.

Types of Services

Internal Audit Services
Annual audit exercise for reporting to our clients’ Board of Directors and submission to Labuan FSA. The scope of the audit covers the minimum audit standard as required by the regulator such as accomplishment of objectives and goals, appraisal on internal control, compliance with regulations and adequacy of risk management standards
AML Independent Audit Services
Internal audit and assessment on compliance to the AML/CFT policies and control and evaluation on current measures with the latest developments to the relevant AML/CFT requirements. 
Compliance Function Services
Compliance services for our clients covering the areas of Labuan Laws and Guidelines, together with issuance of reports in adherence to Compliance Function Guideline issued by Labuan FSA.