Etiqa Offshore Insurance (L) Ltd

Management Services

Our wide range of services are structured to ensure that our clients will enjoy smooth running operations without the need for a full-scale physical presence at site. It is also designed to ensure the requirement for routine statutory reporting by the entities are managed effectively.

Types of Services

Administration of Office
Represents Labuan management office and liaison with local authorities, auditors, actuarists and others.  
Managing Regulatory Requirements
We monitor operational compliance and manage statutory requirements in accordance with local regulations.
Accounting and Financial Reporting
Our services include book-keeping and preparation of financial statements as per local and international accounting standards.
Statutory Reporting
Ensuring timely and accurate submission of statutory reports in accordance with Labuan FSA guidelines.
Human Capital
  • Management of payroll reports, related tax forms and other HR functions.  
  • Work Permit application for foreign employees and dependants.
Storage of operational records for validation of company’s financials as required by Labuan regulator.
Underwriting & Reinsurance Support
Validation and record-keeping of client’s business transactions such as  insurance policies  and reinsurance slips.
Monitoring and reporting of cash flow, and handling of monetary transactions on behalf of the clients.
Claims data management and record-keeping including processing of claims payments where required.
One-stop Substance Solution
Facilitate manpower and office space requirement for compliance to corporate taxation-Substance Requirement.