e-Payment FAQ

  1. What is e-Payment or Auto Credit?
    e-Payment or Auto Credit is a mode of payment that allows Etiqa to credit refunds of premium/ contribution, benefit/ surrender payment, surplus distribution, and/or claim payments to your bank account electronically.

  2. Why should I choose to receive funds via e-Payment?
    • Faster: Funds are available once the payment has been processed by the bank.
    • Safer: Misplaced, lost, fraudulent or expired cheques will no longer be an issue.
    • Convenient: Removes the need to travel and deposit the cheques at the bank.

  3. Will there be any registration fee if I opt for e-Payment or Auto Credit?
    No, you can enjoy the service free of charge.

  4. Is it mandatory to fill up bank account details?
    We strongly encourage you to register your bank account details in order for you receive payments via direct deposit into your bank account.