OTO 360 Insurance

Accidents can happen at any time and to anyone. Having a personal accident plan, complete with auto assistance can make all the difference in dire situations. Etiqa OTO 360 Insurance is a personal accident plan that complements the coverage for your car regardless of the motor coverage provider. With this plan, you will get the an extra 24-hour auto assistance helpline for when you are in need of help on the road as well as personal
accident coverage for emergencies. 

Key Benefits

Cash allowance payout
RM500 cash allowance, paid within 24 hours.
Unlimited towing
24-hour breakdown assistance with unlimited towing distance. Call Etiqa Auto Assist Care (EAAC) at 1800 88 6491.
Accident cover for driver and passenger
Up to RM50,000 cash payout for each person in the vehicle in case of death or permanent disability.

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