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Claims Checklist

It is important that you notify us the soonest possible when an accident or mishap occurs. This will help us resolve your claim quickly, with the best possible advice from the Etiqa Claims Care team.
Before filing your claim(s) via our Online Claim Form, make sure your details are complete:
  • Your Policy Information
  • Information about the incident; i.e. date, damage incurred, location, etc.
  • Details and supporting documents that describe the loss or damage you are claiming for
  • Additional information about any other people, vehicles or property involved.

Claims Process

  • Claim Assignment

    When we receive your claim, it will be assigned to our claims expert. Depending on the complexity of your claim, you may work with a team of claims experts, who have experience in handling a particular aspect of your claim.

  • Initial Contact

    Our friendly claims expert will contact you to get the facts surrounding your loss, talk to you about your coverage, explain how your claim will be handled, identify ways to protect your property from further damage and schedule an in-person appointment if one is needed.

  • Claim Estimate & Evaluation

    Our claims expert will determine whether the loss is covered, gather the facts, inspect and document damage, interview witnesses or other individuals who may be involved, take photos and samples (if needed), and evaluate your claim.

  • Claim Resolution

    We'll work with you to resolve your claim fairly either by paying your claim, or explaining why no payment would be made on your claim.