Pillar 1: Insurance/Takaful Made Accessible

We will make Insurance/Takaful products easily accessible via various channels, physically and virtually, to enable customers to obtain information, make purchases, or submit enquiries.
  1. We offer an active engagement model where you will be made aware of:
  • ​Multi-channel options and accessibility for making purchases and enquiries
  • Where and how to provide feedback, suggestions, and complaints
  1. We keep you informed of the physical and engagement channels available to you to purchase products or make enquiries. Specifically, we give you easy access to the following:
  • An Insurance/Takaful agent locator
  • A list of customer engagement channels, i.e., corporate website, self-service customer web portal, live chat, and call centre
  1. ​We will inform you of the channel availability which may vary from time to time.
We will actively seek feedback, suggestions, or complaints on how we can serve customers better.
  1. We provide you with various channels to provide your feedback and suggestions. To contact us, please click here.
  2. We conduct customer satisfaction feedback/surveys periodically to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.