Pillar 2: Know Your Customer

We will strive to help customers find the right product to suit their needs.
  1. We ensure that knowledgeable and ethical staff and agents are available to serve you.
  2. Training:
  • We ensure that our employees and intermediaries are properly trained on the products and services offered.
  • Trainings are provided any time a new product is launched. We also run refresher courses on existing products regularly
  1. In order to understand your profile and needs adequately, we:
  • ‚ÄčListen to you attentively
  • Acknowledge and properly understand your needs and preferences
  • Ask for requisite information and documents to advise you accordingly and in accordance with the industry’s Code of Practice on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010
  • Offer options of suitable products and services to meet your needs and wants
  1. Any options provided to you shall be explained and recommended on an 'opt-in-basis', e.g., riders, sharing/using your information for marketing and research purposes.