PAWer Insurance

Most of us love our pets like our own children as they bring limitless companionship and joy to our lives. With PAWer, you can truly show your love for your furry kids by providing the best protection and care for them.

Key Benefits

Veterinary and surgical fees
Reimbursement of up to RM8,000 per year for veterinary and surgical fees*.
*Veterinary visits due to illness and/or accidents. Fees incurred subject to a 10% co-payment.
Burial or cremation expenses
Receive up to RM1,000 to cover the cost of your pet’s burial or cremation.
Third party liability
Cover the legal costs and expenses incurred due to bodily injury to third parties and/or loss/damage to property belonging to third parties caused by the pet up to a reimbursement limit of RM30,000 for cats or RM50,000 for dogs per year.
Cashless admission to panel veterinary clinics & pet wellness centres

Guarantee letters provided directly to your vet.


Table of Benefits

Benefits Ringgit Malaysia
Silver Gold Platinum
Section 1 Veterinary and surgical fees: Up to RM3,500 per year Up to RM5,000 per year Up to RM8,000 per year
  10% co-payment is applicable 10% co-payment is applicable 10% co-payment is applicable
a) Clinic Overnight Stay after surgery Up to 3 nights Unlimited nights Unlimited nights
b) Post-Surgical Treatment Up to 30 days Up to 60 days Up to 60 days
Section 2 Burial or cremation expenses Not Covered Up to RM500 Up to RM1,000
Section 3 Third party liability (cats) Not Covered Up to RM10,000 per year Up to RM30,000 per year
Excess   RM1,000 RM1,000
Third party liability (dogs) Up to RM5,000 per year Up to RM30,000 per year Up to RM50,000 per year
Excess RM500 RM1,000 RM1,000

Eligibility For Your Pet

Information Cat Dog
Age between 12 weeks to 10 years at the point of application Yes Yes
Not a working pet (used for racing, breeding, law enforcement, guarding or other commercial use) Yes Yes
No injury/physical disability Yes Yes
Must be microchipped n/a Yes
Must be duly licensed and not fall under banned or restricted breeds as prescribed by the Government, Public or Local Authority n/a Yes
Medical card certification with details of the pet and its owner including their names and photograph of the pet to be provided Yes n/a
Pet is under the care of the Insured or Insured’s family residing with the Insured in Malaysia at all times Yes Yes

Annual Premium for Cats

Silver Gold Platinum
RM290 RM390 RM490

Annual Premium for Dogs

Silver Gold Platinum
RM540 RM640 RM790
1. Eligibility for the Pet Owner
  • Open for Malaysian citizens or residents with an employment pass, work permit, long-term visit pass or student pass.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
2. All premiums, other charges and fees (if applicable) will be subject to relevant charges or taxes as deemed necessary by the Malaysia tax authorities.
3. An additional RM10 stamp duty fee applies.
4. All the benefits above are subject to terms and conditions.

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