People Empowerment

Youth Empowerment Programme

In 2021, Etiqa collaborated with Adap Youth Garage (AYG) to set up Etiqa Cares Centre, a centre where the youth living at PPR Kota Damansara can access the internet, study, and socialise in a healthy environment. This centre provides the students with a conducive space to study as most of them lack the resources to do so at home.

Last year, a total of 50 underprivileged students, aged 17 - 19 years, including youths who have left their shelter homes, received soft skills training through the Youth Empowerment Programme by Etiqa and its NGO partner, Yayasan J’Keb. The objective of the training was to empower the youths and ensure that these students were able to further their studies at an identified institution of higher learning arranged by the NGO partner.

Need Help?

If you know of individuals, families, or communities who are in need, please share your contact details and a description of their plight via email to or